Introduction To MS Excel tutorial
Chapter 1: MS Excel Basics

Chapter 2: Editing Worksheet In Excel

Chapter 3: Formatting Cells

Chapter 4: Formatting Worksheets

Chapter 5: Working With Formulas

Chapter 6: Advanced Operations

How To Save A Workbook In MS Excel 2010

Saving New Sheet

Once you had completed the typing in the new Excel sheet, then comes the time to save it. Here are few simple and smart steps to save sheet in Excel 2010.

Step 1 – Give a click on the File tab and select the Save As option.

MS Excel tutorial

Step 2 – Now select the folder where you wish to keep the saved sheet and enter the file name. By default, the worksheet will be saved in .xlsx format.

MS Excel tutorial

Step 3 – Now give a final click on Save button and your sheet will be automatically.

Saving New Changes

While working on a saved sheet, you might need to save it, install in better the editing of sheet. It can be done by these few simple ways.

• Press Ctrl + S keys to save the changes.
• Locate the floppy icon present at the top left corner of the screen and give a click on it to save the worksheet.
• Go to the File menu and you will find Save option just above the Save As option give a click to it for saving the worksheet.


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