Introduction To MS Excel tutorial
Chapter 1: MS Excel Basics

Chapter 2: Editing Worksheet In Excel

Chapter 3: Formatting Cells

Chapter 4: Formatting Worksheets

Chapter 5: Working With Formulas

Chapter 6: Advanced Operations

How To Perform Data Validation In MS Excel 2010

Data validation features allows users to set up certain rules which dictates want can be entered in the cells.

MS Excel tutorial

Validation Criteria

In order to perform data validations, follow these steps.

  • Select the range or the cell.
  • Choose Data, followed by Data Tools, Data Validation. A dialogue box will appear on the screen having three tab settings, Input Message and Error alert.

Setting Tab

Setting tab will offer a dropdown menu wherein you can choose the criteria including Any Value, Whole Number, Decimal, List, Date, Time, Text Length and Custom.

MS Excel tutorial

Input Message Tab

You can even set the input help message by sampling filling the title and Input message, which will appear the cell whenever it is selected.

MS Excel tutorial

Error Alert Tab

Likewise, fill the title and error message and it will be displayed whenever someone access the selected cell.

MS Excel tutorial


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