Introduction To MS Excel tutorial
Chapter 1: MS Excel Basics

Chapter 2: Editing Worksheet In Excel

Chapter 3: Formatting Cells

Chapter 4: Formatting Worksheets

Chapter 5: Working With Formulas

Chapter 6: Advanced Operations

How To Perform Conditional Format In MS Excel 2010

MS Excel offers a Conditional Formatting feature that allows user to format a range of values.

Simply choose Home Tab, followed by Style Group and select Conditional Formatting dropdown.

Different conditional formatting options

  • Highlight cell rules – It helps to highlight the cells in the cell selection on basis of certain values, texts, dates or other parameters.
    For instance, if you have to find cell with Amount 0 and Mark them as red, then choose Range of cell, followed by Home Tab, Conditional Formatting Dropdown, Highlight Cell Rules and finally Equal To.

MS Excel Tutorial

Once you give a click on OK, all the cells with zero value will be marked as red.

MS Excel Tutorial

  • Top/Bottom Rules – This will help in highlighting the top and bottom cells based on values, percentages and other parameters. For instance, if you have to highlight top 10% rows, use the Top/Bottom rules.

MS Excel Tutorial

  • Data Bars – It brings up a palette with different colors data bars applied to the cell selection for indicating their values relative to each other.
    This particular conditional formatting data Bars will appear in every cell.

MS Excel Tutorial

  • Color Scales – It brings a palette with different three or two colored scales which when applied to the cell selection indicate vales relative to each other.

MS Excel Tutorial

  • Icon Sets – It brings a palette that shows different set of icons and gets applied to each cell.

MS Excel Tutorial

  • New Rule – It brings the New Formatting Rule dialog box where users can define custom conditional formatting rules for all the cell selection.
  • Clear Rules – It helps in removing the conditional formatting for the cell selection.
  • Manage Rules – It opens up the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager for editing or deleting particular rules.


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