5 Tested Websites To Design Stunning Logos Online for Free

design stunning logos online for free

Designing logo is a extremely daunting and tedious task which takes a large amount of time if done on your own or a considerable when done from professionals. But over the years a number of websites had emerged which offers great designing tools and various features which makes it possible to design some stunning logos for free. Here are some of the top websites which allows users to create and design impressive logo online or free.

How To Create Stunning Logos Online For Free

Logo Genie

Logo Genie is a highly sophisticated and remarkable website which offers best designing solutions of making a logo or business card. It will help users in creating and designing professional looking logos within few minutes. On this website a user is just required to select the category, enter the company name and an optional tagline and Logo doe the remaining job of creating such logo which will embody your business identity and ethics.

Logo Yes

Logo Yes comes a very simplistic and extremely easy to use ‘user interface’ which allows users to first choose an image to go with the business followed by adding of the text including the company name and optional tagline. It also offers a variety of tools which can be used to modify the font of the text, color and much more. Image positions, size, text can easily be adjusted by a number tools offered on the website.

Once you had successfully designed a satisfactorily and awesome logo then give a click to the Next button and it will offer a preview of the logo. Users can go back for making any changes or simply download the logo in high resolution file which will cost just $0.99 for a yearlong subscription.

Logo Victory

Logo Victory offer completely free logo designing opportunity to the users where you can design as well as download logo in the jpg format. In order to download designed logos in other formats users will be required to buy a relatively small up-gradation package from their account.

Logo Victory offers a extremely simple and swift logo designing process wherein a user has to enter the name, tagline and image, perform some editing and download the resulting logo in jpg format.

Logo Snap

Logo Snap offers a huge range of categories for designing logo and offers some incredible editing opportunities. First of all a user will be required to create an account, choose a category, sort the logos on basis of various styles like High Tech-Formal, Corporate, Artsy etc., perform from designing and finally download or save the logo. Logo Snap also offers quick 4 steps for making business cards to go with the company logo within a few seconds.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is swift and one of the best logo designing website wherein a user can create some stunning logo within 2 minutes. It possess an extremely easy to use interface, better designing options and plethora of professional looking images which can go with the logo. It also offers an opportunity to buy the logo at $39.99 which will come with distinguished and much needed copyright/ trademark for logo. Graphics Springs even offer Pro Package which will safeguard your logo and no one else will be able to use same logo at all.


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