How to Stop Auto-Playing HTML5 Videos in Your Web Browser

stop auto-playing HTML5 videos

Most of the people find it annoying to see some random videos playing while browsing web pages. The use of HTML5 in the web design has made it possible to feature videos which can play on its own but there are certain ways which can allow the user to control its auto-play quite easily. It should be noted that disabling the automatic playback of the videos will just pause but it will not stop it from loading in the background.

Guide to Stop Auto-Playing HTML5 Videos

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is most popular and widely used web browser and unfortunately it doesn’t offer any built in feature for blocking HTML5 videos. Chrome users are required to download an extension called Stop YouTube HTML5 AutoPlay from the Chrome Web Store. This extension is very helpful in preventing the HTML5 videos playing up while browsing different. But in case you find its services limited then try another extension called ‘Disable HTML5 Autoplay’ which offers better feature at stopping all the HTML5 videos from playing on the websites.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another most loved web browser in the world which already offers a built feature which can take of the HTML5 videos pretty easily. Firefox comes loaded with a preference buried deep in about: config which allows the users to control whether they the HML5 videos on the WebPages can play automatically or not. Once this preference I activated the HTML5 videos will be diabled from playing automatically unless a user is interacting with it. A script in the background ensures that video doesn’t start playing itself without user’s permission.

In order to change the setting write about:config into the Firefox’s address bar and press Enter. Agree with the warning which will be displayed on the screen, now type autoplay in the search box wherein you will see the preference named as ‘media.autoplay.enable’. It is native state it is set as True which allows autoplaying of HTML5 videos, now change it to False by double clicking the preference and it will stop the auto-playing.

stop auto-playing HTML5 videos


Just like the Chorme Opera is also a Chromium based browser and it also has the support to the same number web browser extensions. Therefore it doesn’t offer any built feature which can allow prevention of the autoplaying of HTML5 videos. Use the same Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension for preventing the HTML5 videos from playing on its own during the web browsing.

Apple Safari

Apple Safari is only supported in the iOS platform and unfortunately it also doesn’t offer any in-built feature which can stop the HTML5 video from playing automatically. It should be noted that unlike Chrome and Opera it is not based on the Chromium but it still doesn’t have the much needed feature. There is also no extension available in the Safari which can stop the playing of HTML5 videos.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is still used on a large number of computers throughout the world and it also doesn’t offer any inbuilt feature which can give control over the HTML5 videos and it doesn’t support the extension either.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge was unveiled as a default browser in the Windows 10 and unfortunately it also doesn’t offer any feature to stop the autoplay of HTML5 videos. Edge doesn’t has an adds-on capability which also limits the chances of adding any extension to disable the HTML5 videos.


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