6 Best Chrome Addons To Create GIF Image

best gif chrome addons

Google Chrome browser is not just great alternative for surfing the web but it offers a wider range of Addons, which makes life easier. If you are looking for easier and simpler ways to make GIF images, then Google Chrome Addons are answer for you.

A number of Chrome Addons offer some great options for creating attractive GIF images with great usability. Just install the Chrome Addon and it will convert any video or image into a GIF image in the browser itself within few seconds. Here are six best Chrome addons that can help in creating and converting simple images and videos into exciting GIF images.

List of Best Chrome Addons

MakeGIF Video Capture

MakeGIF is best alternative for capturing videos from YouTube, Vimeo and range of other HTML5 websites and converts them into GIF image. It offers some exciting features like setting frames, adding some text and applying some extra changes on the captured GIF image. Once you have finished editing, it can be shared with friends or downloaded to the computer.

best gif chrome addons

First, download this addon on your Chrome web browser and surf websites capture videos and convert them GIF image. It offers a blue button at the right corner follower with step-by-step on-screen instruction which can help in converting GIF image.

Make A GIF

Make a GIF offers more number of methods for creating GIF image. It allows the users to create GIF images from the video sites along with the using the pictures and web cam as well.

best gif chrome addons

It is extremely simple to make GIF images with this addon that works through pick and drop job and offers a range of editing options and other features.


It uses a peculiar name but it makes it extremely simple to save, share and organize the GIF images. Like others, it allows user to convert videos into GIF and also support a range of formats of images.

best gif chrome addons

Just go to any image online and give a right click on the image, then click on GIF Me and it will create the GIF image.

GIF your Face

This particular addon offer a great way to GIF your face using the webcam. It allows the user to shoot a short video through webcam and it simply converts that video into a GIF image. GIF Your Face is extremely fast and quick as it requires less than 10 seconds completing the whole process. It is highly reliable and extremely easy to use app. Those who have used it can’t stop praising its efforts at all.


Jiffy is another incredible GIF image creating addon but it works only with YouTube. Users can easily capture a part of the video and convert into a GIF image with addon. It offers simpler sharing and downloading options to the users.

best gif chrome addons

Animated GIF Maker

It is the best addon for converting any video into any video into a remarkable GIF image. Download this addon to the browser then give a click on the small icon present at the top right corner of the browser. It offers a range of different tools that helps in creating an appealing GIF image.

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