How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

how to prevent apple TV from sleeping

What is an Apple TV?

Through applications, Apple TV provides you with accessibility most riveting entertainment content. Enjoy hit films on iTunes. Find your favorite sport. Breaking news. Fun stuff only for kids. Educational programming, music concerts and much more. It’s difficult to believe a lot great content can squeeze into this type of small package. Now here we are going to learn about how to prevent your Apple TV from going to sleep. The steps and points are described below with pictures for better understanding and results.

Some more features

The finest feature may be the choice to rent movies rather than purchasing them, which many enjoy. Parental control configurations can be created towards the movies in addition to any Apple TV content. Use of Netflix and YouTube can also be permitted. YouTube even features its own category one of the 4 the device has and videos could be seen anytime. National basketball association TV and Major league could be utilized to be able to show scores and statistics.

For automatic sleeping

Your Apple TV, automatically, snoozes fairly rapidly if not being used. That’s ideal for energy saving although not so excellent if you want to help keep it on. Let’s have a look at just how to increase how lengthy it stays awake or disable sleep mode altogether. This short article only shows methods for 4th generation 2015 Apple TV and also the particular updates which are running on tvOS.

Why do we need this?

If you like getting the Apple TV on without anyone’s knowledge to show the polished Aerial screen savers or slideshows of one’s own photos then, naturally, you would like it to remain on so that you can enjoy those things. Automatically the Apple TV snoozes after 1 hour. While it is not all that has got the timeout in your Smartphone screen that’s still plenty quick enough that you to here the children request in which the awesome screensaver went or fake-window-to-the-world inside your almost windowless apartment to visit dark before you decide to would like it to.

Fortunately, it’s quite simple to tweak your Apple TV to remain awake longer in order to never sleep whatsoever.

How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

To regulate or disable your Apple TV’s sleep mode, start in the Desktop and choose the Configurations icon.

How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

Inside the Configurations menu choose the “General” sub-menu.

How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

Inside the General sub-menu choose “Sleep After” observe that the Sleep After entry handily shows the present setting even before you enter the choice menu. The default, once we have noted above, is an hour.

How To Prevent Your Apple TV From Sleeping

Within the Sleep After menu you are able to choose how long before the device sleeps in batches varying from fifteen minutes to 10 hrs or steer clear of the device from sleeping altogether. When you help make your choose the alterations work immediately and whether your ultimate goal was to have it to rest faster in order to save electricity or ensure that it stays wide awake to show photos, no reboot is essential. In this ways you and everybody else can prevent their Apple TV form sleeping.


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