Do You need A Domain Name?

Just a few thoughts about domain names.

One of the most important things you can do to promote your identity is to register a domain name. In today’s world this is absolutely essential.

Preference should be given to registering a short name, as short as possible that reflects your business.  For example I registered the domain name and built a site about White Pomeranians on this name.

I suggest your first preference should be registering a “COM” name.  Dot Com works well for international as well as local audiences. A country “CC” com name would also be a good choice, if your desired Dot Com is not available. For those that don’t know what I mean by referring to a country CC com name . CC in the domain name world means country code.

If you are lucky enough to find the best choice of name for your site available in dot com and your country cc. I would not hesitate to practice what is called defensive registrations and I would recommend registering all the variations of your name.

I reside in Australia and the domain name for my main website is a This works very well. If you reside in the u. k. you could use an uk domain name. For United States residents a dot us domain name will give you a local identity.

Search engines  place a lot of emphasis on a site’s domain name.

The reason I say purchase and use a  Com name is because most people still think of the internet as “DOT COM”. Often typing in the name they want and adding dot com to the end. If for instance you set up your site on a “NET” or a “ORG” domain name you could suffer the loss of web traffic to the “COM” website.

Having a short domain name makes it easier for people to type in your address. Try to avoid hyphenated domain names. These names are well liked by the search engines but making use of a hyphenated domain name makes it very awkward to verbally provide details of your web address.

Most good domain names were registered years ago. This will make your search to register a great COM name for your website near impossible. The best alternative is to purchase the name of choice.

A website with amazing domain names for sale is ShopComs.Com

Another consideration is a Mobile Site as well as your regular site. You might consider registering a mobi domain name for your mobile version of your website as well.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of registering a domain name, contact me via this site.

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