Developing A Website

This article is written to help others develop a “KILLER” website.

Whether using a website builder and doing the work themselves or hiring a web designer to design a professional website.

There are many aspects of site design and development which will require much consideration.

Web Site planning, Web design, Graphic Design, CMS, Site Builders, Where to host your site ?  Free Hosting versus Paid Hosting, Domain Names & most importantly Search Engine Optimization, Finding a web designer.

As with building anything, getting the foundation correct should be your first step. Plan your website well before doing anything else. I always plan things out well before starting work on any site. Writing everything down helps a lot with planning and building a successful website.

  1. Spend time surfing the internet and bookmark sites that you like. Noting particular design, colours or components that appeal or that would be suitable and helpful additions to your site
  2. Organize folders in which you add and keep information and materials for your Web site:
    (a): a physical folder with photos, brochures, company logo, written materials.
    (b):a directory folder on your computer with text for your Web site, digitized photos, images, logos, and other pertinent information.
  3. Spend time listing all the pages and components required.
  4. Think about how the website should flow, Navigation is one of the most important components of a successful website. There are now millions of sites on the internet and web surfers will quickly leave your site if the information they require is not easy and quick to find.
  5. Getting quality traffic to your Website is very important and is not as easy as many new website owners will find after launching a new website. The common belief is to launch a website on the internet and the masses will come. This would be wonderful. But alas, often this does not happen. Think about the search engines. How to ensure that your site is on the first page of google for the keywords important to your website. Are you or your web designer able to work on SEO optimization for your website? If not should you pay extra for this service?
  6. Content is still “KING” on the internet. Fill your site with original content, update often and the search engines and your visitors will return to view updates and in the case of the search engines to spider the new content.


Hosting for your new website.



When I first started on the internet back in the mid 90’s free hosting without using a Domain name was very popular and some people still avail themselves of free hosting.
I personally cannot understand why anyone would want to use free hosting unless it was just for a fun personal site.

The negative aspects of using  free hosting include:

  1. The is look very unprofessional. I doubt anyone would take a business site using free hosting serious.
  2. The free host is filling the page with advertising or worse still those very annoying pop ups.
  3. If you site becomes very popular your host will shut your site down.

I prefer to use paid hosting for all sites. A professional look is ensured by paying your own hosting. This need not cost a lot of money.
I have many sites on the internet and I host my sites with artydesigns. I find them very reliable, inexpensive and the support is fast and very helpful.

Think about all the matters raised and if using a web designer ask questions on all aspects of your web design process.

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