Tips On Increasing Your Web Traffic

Getting traffic is an essential part of having a website. If a site had no traffic, it would be the same as having a real shop hidden behind a junk yard. Nobody would ever know about it so you wouldn’t get any visitors. A website can’t do its job without visitors so you need to constantly work to increase the traffic so your site can be successful.

So how do you get more visitors to your site?

Here are some methods you can use to gain more traffic to your website:

Links. Your site must have all essential content as a bare minimum. The information your readers see should have plenty of links to relevant pages within your site. You also have to give them reasons to keep returning to your site.

Newsletter. Create a regular, well written newsletter. Then encourage people to subscribe so they receive the newest version every time you publish it, whether it’s daily, weekly or whatever time frame you choose. It reminds people that your site exists and they can visit again if they have need your services or products. You can send copies to subscribers who haven’t visited your site for a while. This is a “non-pushy” way to lure them back.

Posts. Write regular posts and publish them on your site. They should be informative and relate to whatever goods and/or services you offer. You can anticipate questions and provide answers even before people ask. “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)” is one of the essential links in most people’s websites.

Forum. Create your own forum. Then your subscribers can interact and share ideas. You can see the questions your visitors are asking and provide answers in the forum where everybody can see. It makes you more efficient as well. Your answers remain there for other visitors and newer visitors to read when they have the same questions. It’s another way of using the FAQs and some people regard it as more user-friendly.

Promotions. Run promotions or contests to encourage people to log onto your site more often. They appeal to some people so offer great prizes and help build the excitement. Publish clear rules so everyone understands them. This will encourage people to visit your site more frequently because it improves their chances of winning. These promos will inevitably increase your site traffic exponentially if done right.

Writers. Invite skilled writers to your site. Writing your own material will save you money but perhaps that’s not your strongest skill. Invite writers with solid reputations will attract more people because of the quality of their work. Your site will appeal to visitors who enjoy reading good quality writing so don’t pay peanuts, thinking you’re being smart. Pay good writers what they ask and you’ll see the benefits in more traffic.

Guests. Invite special guests to your site. Publicly announce it in the forum, in your newsletter, on your site in posts and on the home page. Build excitement beforehand so, on the day, you get a large influx of traffic. Run special events such as webinars, questions and answers sessions in the forum, and whatever other things you can think of, depending on the nature of your site. Maybe run a competition where the winners get one on one time with the guest and can have all their questions answered. Do this regularly! Then people will grow to expect it and you’ll get more subscribers and visitors who want stay informed of such events.

Advertising. Advertise your site in as many places as you can. This list includes: text links, banners, offline ads, newspaper, media, magazines, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, classified ad sites such as, on other people’s sites, on other sites you own, and literally anywhere else you can think of. Tell everyone you know and get them to tell everyone they know. Include your URL in every email you send as part of your signature. Create products you can give away (eBooks or articles) that have links back to your site.

Rewards. Consider giving the people who frequent your site the most a freebie. It could be an ebook, article, a physical item such as a pen, stress ball, shirt or t-shirt or anything else you can think of. Have your URL and site name on these items as extra advertising.

Reputation. Before people will buy from you, they must trust you and that trust has to be earned. You need to build the best possible reputation. Then people will visit your site, tell others about you, and spend money with you. Write articles for posting on other people’s websites but have a link to your site in the resource box at the end of the article. The more articles you have on other sites, the more options there are for people finding your site. The same applies to the freebies.

If you’re not prepared to put in the hard work, you’ll never achieve success with your website. These tips will help you with that ongoing goal and boost your reputation and the popularity of your site.
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