Why Ipad Or Iphone Displays ‘This Cable Or Accessory Is Not Certified’?

Ipad Or Iphone Displays ‘This Cable Or Accessory Is Not Certified’

Most of the Apple devices users are annoyed by the warning message ‘This Cable or accessory is not certified?’ when they plug in new data cables and other accessories. Apple products like iPhones and iPads has its own unique lighting connector which is used both for charging and data transmission. On the other hand, using the third-party cables and accessories usually results in getting persistent warning message on the device, only if the Apple does not certify them. But sometimes this message even appears incorrectly too.

How Apples’ certification works for cables and accessories?

Apple has brought an ‘MFi Certification Program’ and MFi stands for the ‘Made for iPhone, iPad and iPod’. Apple advises the third party cables accessories manufactures to showcase they are MFi certified along with ensuring the quality and compatibility of the products with Apple devices.

Warning message could be an error

Sometimes this message even appears as an error in the device. After using the Apple certified accessories over a long time, you might see this warning message appearing on the screen. In order to fix it, simply unplug the cable for few seconds and plug it back again. It is a momentary bug that appears once or twice but seems to go away on its own quickly. Chagrining continuously by plugging the iPhone or iPad to the PC or Mac can also result in getting in this message. Try plugging your device to some other USB port or the proper unit and this message will stop appearing on the screen.

Damaged cable or accessory could be reason for the message

Some of the users complain of getting the warning message each time they plug in certified cable or accessory to the iPhones or iPads. This clearly shows that certified cable or accessory has gone through to misuse or wear and tear over the time that has caused some internal damage thereby causing the warning message on the iPhone or iPad.  Do not purchase less expensive and poorer quality of cables, as they are quite vulnerable to damage within a short time than the expensive and better quality ones.  If the cable is damaged internally then you will have to buy a new one.

Sometimes, the charging ports of the iPads and iPhones also get partially obstructed by dust, debris or pocket link. This results in blocking the clear connection of the cables or accessory with the charging port and results in displaying of warning message.

iPhone or iPads are quite expensive gadgets therefore avoid trying any do-it-yourself techniques to replace the charging port in order to get the uncertified accessories and cable work with it like charm. The best way to disable the warning message is to purchase and use certified cables and accessories. Going tech savvy and jail breaking the iPhone or iPad is not advisable at all and it is better get hands on the better quality cables and accessories for the iPads and iPhones.


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