Well-Known SEO Tips You Can Use

Link quality is an important part of any website for many reasons. If you want your website to be ranked high in search engines, you need to carry out Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Doing this work will greatly increase your volume of traffic and that equates to more money in your pocket.

These are some SEO strategies you can use to boost your ranking:

1. Pick the best keywords. Regardless of how much SEO work you do, if you choose the wrong keywords, you won’t get the results you want. The keywords have to be the right ones. They must be the words people use when browsing search engines. So choose them wisely.

2. Your site content needs to be fresh. Even if you don’t want to alter your main page text, have a blog where you can write regular relevant posts. Fresh content helps boost your site rankings.

3. Don’t over-use your keywords. Everyone has seen sites that have been designed strictly for SEO and you get a page of content where the exact keywords appear 20+ times in a single page. This type of content frustrates people for a few reasons. They may be looking for serious information and your site has caught their eye because of the overwhelming number of repetitive keywords it displays. Such pages lower the rankings of other sites for no fair reason. Those pages will slowly drop in rankings. In an ideal situation, you would have keyword density of 1% – 2%. This translates as having the keywords appearing 5 – 10 times in an average 500 word article.

4. Analyse all page URLs of your site. Some of the inner pages may have long URLs and this is a typical problem with large sites and eCommerce sites. Unfortunately, such URLs may hurt your rankings and definitely make it harder for users to return to your site down the track.

5. Have a strong landing page. Ensure the first page your visitors see grabs their focus and tells them why this page relates to their chosen keyword or phrase. It would be ridiculous if a visitor is Googling “dog food nutrition” and ends up on a page filled with ads and content that aren’t related in any way.

6. Try not to use elements that won’t help your SEO rankings. For example, don’t use multimedia elements such as Flash on the home page of your site. It may take a while to load and could discourage some visitors from staying on your site longer. Search engine bots can’t read these elements so they’re actually irrelevant.

If you follow these pointers, your SEO efforts will reap great rewards and help increase your rankings in the main search engines.

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