How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

Android OS users had to rely on the third party file managers to access the file system and reorganizing the content as per their preference. Google had introduced a built-in file manager with the Android 6.0 which offers a great way to take control of your files and it also offers support for removable SD cards. File manager will present in the hidden mode which means there are no apps for it on the device but still you can easily access it by following the below mentioned steps.

How to Access Android 6.0 Hidden File Manager

It is not tough to access the hidden file manager, just open Android’s Settings app, tap on ‘Storage & USB’ under the device category.

How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

Now you will find the Android’s file or storage manager which will help in reorganizing the contents on the device. It is a very efficient tool in freeing up some space on the device and it offers visual overview of the space used on the device. The visual show breaks down the space consumption into various categories ranging from Apps, Images, Audios, Videos and others. If you have activated multiple accounts on your device then it will show how much is being consumed by each user in a smart listing.

Now just give a tap of the category get to know how much space it is utilizing and choose which categories or items out to be removed for saving some space. For example: If a user give a tap on the Images then it will show all the images present ion the device based on the size.

How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

Android users are just required to tap on the ‘Explore’ option present at the bottom of the list in order to access the file manager.

Now users will be able to view and browse the device internal as well as external storage. This file manager users the same orientation and file system which is on many popular third part file management apps. In order to get access the full root file system and root permission Android users are still required to get some third party file managers.

How to Use Android 6.0’s Built-in File Manager

How to Use Built In File Manager In Android 6.0

Android’s built in file manager allows users to perform a variety of tasks with ease and grace which includes:

1. Browse the files: Just tap on the folder to enter inside and view its contents. Tap the folders name present at the top left corner of the screen or tap one of the parent folders in order to go back up.

2. Open Files: Just give a tap on the files present in the folder then give a give a tap on the pop-up asking for desired app and that file will open up.

3. Select one or more files: Long press on the file or folder to select it or you can select all by tapping on the menu button.

4. Search files: Just give a tap on the magnifying glass present at the right hand corner, type the name of the file and search it on your device.

5. Do more with this file manager: Choose between grid view, list view, sort file by different options, delete, copy and share files.


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